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Una Escuela Bilingüe, Para un Niño Moderno

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BCA offers an academically based weekly summer program designed to increase exposure to the Spanish Language in a bilingual setting.

Currently only available at the Stone Oak Location

21785 Hardy Oak Blvd.


The Spanish Summer Camps at Bilingual Child Academy are conceived to promote early second language acquisition through a Bilingual Spanish/English environment in a safe, fun and stimulating environment by combining the teaching expertise of our BCA teachers who are native speakers of Spanish with experience working with children in a Spanish/English setting. Each week stands on its own with a fun thematic weekly focus. 



The camps are open to all children in Preschool 3's, PreK 4-5's and Elementary ages 6 to 10 year olds who want to explore Spanish as well as for children of Spanish-speaking families who want to improve their skills.


Children will have the opportunity to explore or continue developing the language and gain knowledge of the rich cultural traditions of the Spanish-speaking world through stories, games, songs and crafts while being immersed in Spanish. 

Each age group has limited capacity.  Please call the center you are interested in for more specific information on availability.

*Children must be fully potty trained to be enrolled in weekly camps

* We have high expectations for behavior, un-enrollment is possible if our administration and teachers cannot work with a child to improve behvaioral concerns.


  • DATES:  June 10 - August 16  (You choose your weeks)

  • TUITION:  

    • Registration $50

    • FULL TIME:  $215 per week  [Preschool $220/wk]

    • PART TIME 9AM-2PM:  $175 per week

    • Elementary field trips are seperate 


    • Breakfast Club 7:30am-8:30am

    • Lunch 11:30am

    • Snacks during the day at variable times

    • Children may bring their own snacks, just ask the teacher when is a good time to enjoy


    • Water bottle / Sports bottle - we use filtered water to refill

    • A bag or backpack for belongings 

    • Elementary aged children may bring a technology item (phone, ipad, personal game device) for free time, we can provide wi-fi, but they must be responsible for their own devices.


Please bring the  enrollment forms to the center office. Space is not guaranteed until all forms are turned in with Registration and Office can confirm space for the week.